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Platt, Sparks & Associates Consulting Petroleum Engineers, Inc. is a full service registered consulting petroleum engineering firm with a full staff of experienced professional engineers and support personnel ready to assist you on your projects requiring petroleum engineering expertise.

Oil & Gas Reserves and Economic Evaluations

Platt, Sparks provides economic studies and related services within the petroleum industry. These services include analysis for personal and/or company interest and estate trust management. Platt, Sparks will prepare reserve audits, due diligence studies, and gas contract analyses. These evaluations are used in property appraisals for investments, financing, acquisitions, mergers, and other fair market value purposes.


Environmental Services

Platt, Sparks offers environmental assessment capabilities as a part of comprehensive studies and evaluations involving oil and gas operations. Platt, Sparks will assist clients in the compliance with State and Federal environmental regulations governing the oil and gas industry.


Gas Contract Analysis

Platt, Sparks conducts studies to evaluate required purchases and payments under the provision of gas purchase contracts. Platt, Sparks' personnel have considerable experience in evaluating gas deliverability, gas take requirements, gas pipeline operations, and gas pricing.


Gas Storage Design and Evaluation

Platt, Sparks addresses problems specific to the gas storage industry from the initial identification of gas storage reservoir candidates to the verification of gas storage inventory volumes. These services also include the specification of storage facilities (wells, base gas, gathering systems and compression) required to meet the needs of gas distribution and pipeline companies. In addition to facility requirements, Platt, Sparks has the experience and tools necessary to design operational scenarios to meet the challenges of the ever-changing natural gas industry.



Platt, Sparks performs reservoir characterization studies using geostatistical analysis techniques. The results of these studies are used primarily in developing reservoir description data for use in reservoir simulation studies. Reservoir characterization analyses are also useful as stand-alone studies for assessing fluid-in-place distribution and displacement efficiencies.


Litigation - Expert Witness - Court's Expert

Platt, Sparks' professional engineers serve as expert witnesses for presentation of engineering studies and evaluations. Previous litigation experience has included representation before State Courts, Federal Courts, arbitration panels, State regulatory commissions, and Federal agencies. We also have the unique experience of serving as a Court's Expert, advising the court on the significance of technical evidence presented in oil and gas litigation.


Log Analysis

Platt, Sparks offers a complete well log analysis capability. Digitizing of well logs is done with our in-house computer system. Well logs can be processed further by transferring digitized well logs into various computer programs for processing, calculations, graphic displays, and integration into geostatistical and reservoir simulation studies.


Regulatory Conformance

Platt, Sparks represents clients before oil, gas, and other regulatory agencies. We offer expertise in compiling supporting data and in evaluating and presenting technical studies for applications, filings, and regulation compliance. Our engineers regularly testify at contested hearings on rule exceptions, unitization, secondary recovery projects, pooling, special field rules, and gas production regulation. Other services include personal expediting of time-critical Railroad Commission filings and research of Railroad Commission documents.


Reservoir Simulation Studies

Platt, Sparks conducts reservoir simulation studies to examine primary, secondary and tertiary hydrocarbon recovery. Platt, Sparks' personnel have experience in the application of simulation models to reservoir engineering problems throughout the world. Access to state-of-the-art simulation technology allows Platt, Sparks to select the most appropriate modeling techniques for application to specific reservoir engineering problems.


Secondary and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Activities include the initiation and development of new projects for secondary and tertiary recovery. Platt, Sparks has experience in the "screening" of potential secondary and EOR candidates, feasibility assessment and the optimal design of production strategies using secondary and EOR methods. Existing secondary and tertiary recovery projects are analyzed for possible modification to boost production and ultimate recovery.



Services include representation of individual companies on technical committees or preparation of independent third-party unitization studies on behalf of all operators. These studies include the development of ownership participation formulas acceptable to participants and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Platt, Sparks will monitor and recalculate participation factors subsequent to unitization as interests and conditions change.


Database Management

Platt, Sparks maintains various public databases on-line for quick access and electronic data analysis. Databases maintained on Platt, Sparks' computer system include data and reports filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas and the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division, the Texas Comptroller's office and the Texas General Land Office. The company also maintains or has access to electronic data filed with the United States Department of Energy.


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